Helping Hands

We have list some of our helping hands. They have supported us in starting the concept of MeroUrlabari. Without help and donation of these people, we wouldn’t be here as what we are today.  Without your effort and encouragement the idea , start would be incomplete. Without your support we wouldn’t sustain till now. Thank you all for your support.

 Personal Details:
Name: Komal Dhakal
Father Name: Bhoj raj Dhakal
Mother Name: Bishnu Maya Dhakal
Wife Name: Rama Dhakal
Permanent add: Urlabari-2, Morang
Present Add: Afghanistan
facebook: Umesh DC
Komal: “I would like to thank web team. Wish you all the best.”
Team: “Thank you Komal for your kind support. We will miss you.”



 Personal Details:
: Ganga Sunam
Birth place: Urlabari-3, Morang
Permanent add: Urlabari-3, Morang
Current add: New york, America
Facebook: Nepali Sunam
Ganga: “I would like to thank web team. Wish you all the best.”
Team: “Thank you Ganga Sis for your kind support.”



Name: Bijay limbu
Birth place: Rajghat-6, Boarderline, Morang.
Permanent add: Rajghat-6, Boarderline, Morang.
Current add: Yuen long, Hongkong
Facebook: Thaklung Bijay

Bijay:  “Thank you very much,  of course there is change through the youth mobilization and we, are here for same instance”Team: “Thank you Bijay, little works for better. ”



Name: Kailash GurunG
Father name:
Tek Bdr Gurung
Mother name: Chandra Maya Gurung
Birth place: PhunglinG-6, Mechi, Taplejung.
Permanent add: Urlabari-4, Morang, Nepal.
Current add: Selangor, Malaysia.
Facebook: Kailash Lamchane Grg EasternKailash:  “Firstly, I would like to than’x team member of  for bringing  urlabari globally. I love to click a  on every day. I really glad to support for this site.”Team: “Thank you very much for your co-operation.”



Name:  Jitendra Dhimal ( G10)
Date of Birth:  9 Sept.
Hometown– Rajghat – 1, Srijana tole
Current add– Bahrain
On facebook– Away silence & Jesus child
G10– “well, first of all, i would like to thank those people who are very devoted  to work on the wellfare of our society to make a change via which has been updating us about urlabari our place and Nepal. It sounds great to click the site eachday and know about our place..great job!!”
Team: Thank you..g10



Name: Shreeyasa Niraula
Date of Birth: 17th Asar, 2065
Date of Place: Urlabari-4,Morang
Mother’s name: Bandana Niraula
Father’s name: Bobby Niraula
Address: Urlabari-4, morang, Nepal
On Facebook: Bobby NiraulaBobby: “Very nice to bring Urlabari on globally. I’m very glad to help to this site with my daughter’s name, Shreeyasa., is for everyone, and by everyone.I’m also a member of this site and Vision unlimited as well.”
Team: “Bobby dai !!! Thank you very much your supports and attention.



Name: Mr. Rakesh Chandra Rai
Date of Birth: 14th OctPlace of Birth:Itahara-8,Morang
Home add: Urlabari-4, morang, Nepal
Current add: Tsuen wan, Hongkong
On Facebook: Rakesh Rai

Rakesh: “Proud to be Urlabarian, and my wishes to, Of course i love to click the site on every single day. We, in HongKong, are very happy to know about urlabari through the site. And it’s my pleasure to thank you very much for your great effort to run the site”.
Team:“It’s a great opportunity to thank you very much for your co-operation.  And your attention would be a fruitful in future for betterment. ”


हाम्रो टिम
संस्थापक: राजु लामा
प्रबन्धक निर्देशक: पूर्ण वाइबा
सम्पादक: सरोज बस्नेत
सल्लाहकार: विकास सुब्बा
संरक्षकः उर्लाबारी परिवार हङकङ
प्राविधिक सहयोग : NEPSOL

समृद्ध उर्लाबारी निर्माण हाम्रो अभियान

Email :
Address : Urlabari-2, Morang, Koshi, Nepal