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Clicks on constructing Orphanage House

“If u want to change the world,Lets act for the change”. Of course there is a Australian and New Zealand volunteering group came to deliver their kind supports to our society, and are really appreciated and welcomed. It’s proud to inform that there is under construction of orphanage house, by Church boys foundation, in urlabari-2,…

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हाम्रो टिम
संस्थापक: राजु लामा
प्रबन्धक निर्देशक: पूर्ण वाइबा
सम्पादक: सरोज बस्नेत
सल्लाहकार: विकास सुब्बा
संरक्षकः उर्लाबारी परिवार हङकङ
प्राविधिक सहयोग : NEPSOL

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