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A concept of www.merourlabari.com

“Rise hands together”. Energetic power symbolise the change of idealism.For the same instance, now challenging concept is rised among us. Sure that is www.merourlabari.com .It’s a representation of second biggest city of morang, Urlabari and the way of searching the hidden power to x-pose through fingers on keyboards to the world. Sure it’s a hub of Talent, and the way of medialism. Changes we together. Being Urlabari lovers, we realised that urlabari has sudden surge in demand for promoting and informative about the latest happenings in urlabari. Therefore we here at www.merourlabari.com and decided to come up with web pages that would provide free access to news, interviews, forum, shout box, photos, events and other information related to “Urlabari n Nepal”. Of course we do some of social activities, events too.Very soon we, merourlabari.com is presenting social charity Foundation ‘Mero Urlabari’. Your advice and all kinds of support would be encouragements and fruitful for better Urlabari.
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Some Updates on MeroUrlabari.com improvements.

कार्यक्रम संयोजकमा सिगंक

उर्लाबारी फुटबल क्लबलाई खेलकुद सामग्री प्रदान

मेरो उर्लाबारी डटकमलाई आर्थिक सहयोग जुट्दै

मेरो उर्लाबारी डटकमलाई टि–सर्ट

मेरो उर्लाबारी डटकम टिम

वेबलाई रेम्ती धिमालको सहयोग

प्रवन्धक निर्देशकमा राई

हाम्रो टिम
संस्थापक: राजु लामा
प्रबन्धक निर्देशक: पूर्ण वाइबा
सम्पादक: सरोज बस्नेत
सल्लाहकार: विकास सुब्बा
संरक्षकः उर्लाबारी परिवार हङकङ
प्राविधिक सहयोग : NEPSOL

समृद्ध उर्लाबारी निर्माण हाम्रो अभियान

Email : letters@merourlabari.com
Address : Urlabari-2, Morang, Koshi, Nepal