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written by Prakash Ghising       
Hailing all the way from Hansposa-2,Tarahara,Sunsari,a talented  new face in a musical field,27 yrs old Jimmy Rai also known as Jamin Rai.with full of ambitions,great potentiality and a melodious voice really draws everyone towards him.His dramatic stylish voice excels himself  that here is certainly not a lack of talented singers with a beautiful voice in Nepal.well,its definitely need to look out for jimmy who is very passionate about music,what changes can he bring in musical field..And moreover a master’s in public health and a health assistant jimmy reveals himself as a lyricist,guitarist,composer and a well director aswell..His great personality displays him so enthusiastic about taking up new challenges,hurdles so that he currently came up with his debut song” BHAROSA”to make his mark in musical field ..Probably,the way he’s headed forward with his beautiful voice there is absolutely no despair on his musical carrier..
January 21, 2013

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